Porto, Passagens, Exu

Laura Batitucci (BR)

Residency PRIMAL LIGHT #01 at TORRE (Porto, Portugal).

The project “Porto, Passagens, Exu” was developed to study filmic possibilities within the city of Porto, and explore its imagetic and geographic “encruzilhadas” (road crosses, a magical space in the Candomblé tradition in Brazil).
In order to do so, 16mm B/W reversible and negative films were used and hand developed, and then projected on the middle of a three-“screen” environment directly on a stone wall. The other two films exhibited were archival images of Porto found in a thrift store - one an amateur documentary named “O Velho Burgo” (The Old Village) and the other a family film recorded in Porto and other Portugal cities. The main objective was to cross both past and present at the same iteration, presenting not only the space “encruzilhada” but also a time-based one.


video by Miguel Tavares

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