S.P.A.C.E. - project Maja Milic

The central aspect of this project is the conceptual idea of gesture as holder or container of subtle cultural memory and history, as well as the body as archive. Through physical habits, routines and automatisms, the body processes information and expresses knowledge of deep cultural implication.

Maja Milic uses home movies to look for fragments of body movement or posture and deconstruct them by re-shooting the found footage and re-arranging the shots in multi-projections of super8 and 16mm loops in space to form a new collective body.

This project is a fragment of my long-term fluid film project OTHER, part of my research in (the intersection of experimental film and) experimental ethnography, as well as a standalone piece. The eventual outcome can be part of the film, of the performance, an installation and/or part of an experimental publication. The research will be done with support from Dr. Andrej Mircev.