EMAF and the artist collective LaborBerlin are cooperating in a new, multi-year project, which moves at the interface between film and performance. Under the title “SPECTRAL. Unburdened Recollections,” historical and rarely shown Expanded Cinema works and film performances are reconstructed and re-performed at the festival. In discussions with the participating artists and curators, it will also be discussed how these ephemeral works of art can be expected to be kept available now and in the future.

21.04. 2023
20h30 Claudio Caldini: Landscape Frames

Claudio Caldini AR 2011, 10'
3 Super 8 projectors, black-and-white, Super 8 film, contact microphone and analogue synthesizer

Fantasmas Cromáticos / Chromatic Phantasms
Claudio Caldini AR 2012, 25'
3 Super 8 projectors, black-and-white, Super 8 films, color filters, analogue, synthesizer, and sound archive

Desbordamiento apanorámico de la imagen (Fuego en Castilla)
José Val del Omar // reenacted by Esperanza Collado and OJOBOCA (Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy) ES 1956/2023, 40'
35mm film projection, sound, slides, strobe light and mixed media

12h00 Panel: SPECTRAL. Unburdened Recollections
Together with the curators and artists of the first edition of SPECTRAL. Unburdened Recollections we want to talk about the works shown, the process of their performance and the work on their research and reconstruction. At the same time, we would like to discuss questions about the documentation and archiving of Expanded Cinema and the ethical dimensions of the reconstruction of these extremely fleeting works that go beyond the concrete case studies.

With: Claudio Caldini, Esperanza Collado, OJOBOCA (Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy) and Federico Windhausen Moderator: Mark Paul Meyer, Senior Curator, Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

more information here: https://www.emaf.de/timetable/#p33015