Crater-Lab is an artist-run film lab dedicated to the creation / production / experimentation and screening of works, self-managed by artists and filmmakers. Its objective is to promote the production of an artisan cinema in film support, focused on generating the material bases to create and experiment in all its processes (filming, developing, copying, animation, plastic intervention, projection, etc).

Logo CraterLab

Crater-Lab's philosophy is centered on being able to produce cinema freely, being independent, self-sustaining, making and being a cinematographic community, supporting and making visible the works of new and established filmmakers, being a projection platform, exchange of materials and knowledge, stimulating the formation of new generations that can be linked in a different way with cinema, create collaborative links with other related groups, and fundamentally generate all the means for creation in film support, as an act of resistance, and actively contribute to its continuity in a field of free creation and experimentation.

During SPECTRAL, CraterLab aims to design new devices to develop specific Expanded Cinematic Arts works. The fields of research will be new forms of dis-centered screens and camera Robotics mixing digital and analog technologies Nine Residencies to develop ECA Works, under the name "Impossible Screens". In which we aim to enrich the production of ECA works in Crater-Lab and facilitating tools to artists from our Lab and installations. One edition of ALUD! Rural Immersion Camp, a five-day educational and professional exchange activity on a Rural location near Barcelona in which there will be conferences, workshops, screenings, presentation, performances and opportunities to do networking.
Two International ECA Festivals, called ALUD! Involving various organizations and cultural centers in Barcelona The organization of Tour around Spain for some of the works developed during SPECTRAL Publication of a book/Fanzine about ECA developed in Spain since the seventies.