Research developed on new Expanded Cinematic Arts devices will be documented and shared on throughout the duration of SPECTRAL, as follows :

360° projects by Crater-Lab

  • Dis-centered screens : 360° dome screen
  • Camera Robotics : 360° analogue hyperlapse camera

Starting from the idea of expanding light beyond the screen to break and expand the projection frame, Crater-Lab is planning to develop a modular and portable 360o dome screen and a 360o analogue hyper-lapse camera in order to produce customized images for that screen. The screen will be built with ecological materials collaboratively between Crater-lab members, Hangar residents, other collectives, technicians and engineers, using technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting, DIY electronics and open source technologies.

Engineering a State-of-the-Art 16mm Film Projector project by LaborBerlin

LaborBerlin is aiming to engineer a state of the art 16mm film projector with multiple modern analogue and digital features, catering to the needs of contemporary film artists & performers, archivists and projectionists alike. Two members of LaborBerlin (Bernd Lützeler & Juan David Gonzales Monroy) will collaborate with experts and simultaneously set up a community-based online platform for exchange of open source knowledge and experience. The launch of a first prototype is projected for 2025.

Wandering Sound and Images projects by Mire

  • 16mm black and white developing laboratory
  • Mobile tools for light and/or film projection (16 mm and other)
  • Portable multi-channel soundsystem

To open up the possibilities of cinema, Mire explores the notion of “Wandering”: itinerancy, adaptation to multiple environments. The seminar take place in three stages and gather a high-flying team of artist-inventors, in order to develop mobile tools, designed to allow wandering and itinerancy (easy to transport and set up, as well as self-sufficiency in electricity).

Projects by Filmwerkplaats

  • DIY Contact Printer by Filmwerkplaats

Here you will find a list of all research projects and a quick access to its documentation in the WIKI.