an installation about analog reproduction

Laurence Favre (CH) & Xavier Bauer (CH)

hic&nunc is about materiality and reproduction, reconstruction and metamorphosis. The film records an action that crystallises the gestures of the artist at work into a multitude of impressions. We discover details of materials, drips, surfaces and human appearances, creating surprise effects. We witness the genesis of a work, a process of plastic research in the intimacy of the studio. This is a non-didactic portrait. On one side the subject, on the other the observer-witness who will perpetuate the action by filming it. From the fusion of these two aspects of existence, in a given time, a new entity is born. (translated abstract of Maria Bill’s writings on hic&nunc)

showcased at Diffraktion # 12, Berlin


Content of the 16mm loop projected on the wax screen: https://vimeo.com/733633631

Run Time : 6’44 (loop)
Year of production : 2023
Country of production : Switzerland
Presentation Format : 16mm
Color : B&W
Sound : optical

More infos : https://lrncfvr.net/hicnunc/

Artists websites :
Laurence Favre - https://lrncfvr.net/
Xavier Bauer - https://www.xavierbauer.net/