Claudio Caldini

In nineteenth-century panoramas, viewers were placed in a central, ideal position, each one turning their gaze (and body) in order to be immersed in the illusion of presence before a painted landscape. Movie camera panning is problematic. It does not present utility applied to visual narration. As a description of space, equivalent to “looking around,” it refers to military practices of reconnaissance of a territory. What happens if we replace the fluidity of the movement with the intermittent alternation of its progress? Through the stop-motion technique, applied to the rotation parameter of the camera on the tripod’s axis, the mechanism is exposed, disabling the romantic reverie of the landscape, and the eye is challenged to experience the materiality of cinematographic vision. By hiding the vowels of the word “horizon”, the title represents the instant of darkness that the shutter produces between the images (the hundredths of a second in which the Maltese Cross blocks the passage of light from the projector).


showcased at EMAF '23, Osnabrück

Video Excerpt

Run Time: 10'
Year of production: 2011
Country of production: Argentina
Presentation Format: 3 Super 8 projectors, black-and-white Super 8 film, contact microphone, and analogue synthesizer

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