LaborBerlin e.V is a nonprofit, self-organized film collective open to anyone interested in analogue film practice with an experimental and DIY approach. The Lab is a meeting point of exchange and engagement with ideas and experiences around filmic creation. Every member, once introduced to the lab, can learn how to use its facilities to pursue personal projects autonomously. In addition, LaborBerlin e.V. independently or in collaboration with other artist-run collectives or institutions organizes screenings and holds workshops teaching various technical aspects of analogue film production.


In the context of SPECTRAL, LaborBerlin e.V. creates and provides S.P.A.C.E. (Space for Projection Art & Celluloid Experimentation), a residency program and workspace in Berlin. Together with its project partners, LaborBerlin will document and archive the works created within SPECTRAL in an online database and organize screenings in cooperation with festivals to showcase expanded cinematic works. Further, a group of filmmakers, engineers, and practitioners will research and develop the prototype for an open-source 16mm film projector combining the requirements of performing artists, archivists, and projectionists alike.